Speakin Redneck App Bewertungen

Not that great

Don't get this app I live in the south and that's not really how redneck sounds STUPID!!!!


Worst money I've ever spent. It is definitely a rip off! Save time and money and do not download!!


It's perty dern bad when u correct somethin tha redneck guy says. Haha love this app!

Great App!

So much fun to use. Buy this app for hours of entertainment!

Fun stuff!

These always make me laugh. Great way to spice up a quick message to a friend.


Now I can send messages to my cousins and actually have them understand what I'm saying. Simple, fun app!

Very Amusing

...and a great way to lighten any conversation. I always chuckle before i send one of these messages out!

Younger Days

Reminds me when I was younger reading the Brer Rabbit stories.!

you might be a redneck too

I love this app. best yet. if you love redneck wedding, try this you'll love it. collect them all from Perkinsnetwork. i did. love them all.

I'm having fun

"I Like Da App. It's Purty Funny."

Howdy y'all

I'm fix'n ta tell all mah friens! LOL

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